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I Emailed the president about the situation in Ferguson and racism throughout our country. I’m glad to be privileged but I fear for those who aren’t so lucky. I almost don’t even expect him to do anything about it or even read my email. I am honestly so ashamed to be an american. I hope that my efforts to make a change won’t be in vain.


Morning Sky

was inspired by morning skies.. not that i know anything of sunrises *guilty pleasures*

"After dark on Monday, police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. The ironies of race and policing were readily apparent: law enforcement using force to suppress outrage at law enforcement’s indiscriminate use of force."

- Jelani Cobb reflects on the violence in Ferguson in the wake of Michael Brown’s death. (via fuckyeahfeminists)


who is she


not my pic, but this must be shared.


not my pic, but this must be shared.








Tulsa, Oklahoma near the original Black Wall Street.

Just sad

I guess that meme of DaQuan—the one y’all thought was funny—came true mhmmm 😒

These people

  • kicked their daughter out (left her at a homeless shelter)
  • found out she had left the shelter to live with a guy
  • tracked them down at 9 at night to yell at her
  • shot her unarmed boyfriend (killing him)
  • shot at her after she ran to hide in the bushes
  • shot at the bf’s 13 yr old brother (hitting him in the arm)
  • fled the scene
  • were allowed to turn themselves in
  • were put on PAID suspension

Such bullshit

Attempted murder (and shooting at minors!) only gets paid leave. The more one scratches the surface..

But you guys, racism is over and the police exist to serve and protect, so obviously none of this happened and everything is rainbows.

Fucking racist pieces of shit


animal friendships is the purest and loveliest thing on this planet this makes me so happy